Transitioning Military

Ask any veteran about the most difficult transition they’ve ever made and you’re likely to hear a story about the time they left active duty to enter the private sector. They had to smooth out their angles, polish up their resume, and learn to translate their skill set into “civilian speak.” The journey isn’t easy, but it can be made easier by having the right guide to help navigate the process.

Now make no mistake: corporate America is in search of people like you.  Your leadership skills, intellectual flexibility, and unwavering drive are in high demand. But how will talent evaluators find you?  And more importantly, how do you differentiate yourself from the sea of your peers who will transition with you?

That’s where we come in.  The Sterling Group is an executive search firm that specializes in the art of connecting high quality veterans like you with the challenging professional opportunities you seek.  As an entirely veteran owned and operated firm, our focus is on getting experienced, transitioning officers noticed for their distinct personal qualities and galvanizing character.  We do it because we believe that when passion finds purpose, a future without limitation awaits.

By now, you may be asking yourself what makes us different from the cavalcade of other search firms out there.  The answer is simple: we’ve each made the transition ourselves.  We’ve navigated the gauntlet from Academy Graduation to Boardroom Executive with a tour of service proudly mixed in between.  And we pride ourselves on connecting with and learning from other high quality veterans who have proven their mettle in their after-service careers.

Interested in becoming a part of this exclusive community?  Want access to a growing network of mentors, trail blazers, and visionaries who are woven from the same fabric as you?  Get started by giving us a call to learn more about our special programs and resources or Click Here to set up a 10-minute call with someone on our staff.  See all the ways we can kick start your transition and accelerate your career.  The Sterling Group is ready to launch. Are you?  

"Through the strong relationship and customized attention we have received, Sterling has helped us harvest some of the best talent the military has to offer. The Sterling-Stryker partnership has been a winning formula that has been key in achieving the results we need to remain top in our industry."
-- Jack Benecke USMA '95, GM at Stryker Orthopedics
"The best move I ever made in my career thus far, has been partnering with The Sterling Group to find a career beyond the military. Sterling was able to present me with world-class opportunities that gave me a chance to exercise the many skills I learned in the time I spent as a military officer. The development, coaching, and mentoring I received from Sterling was second to none, and allowed me to seamlessly transfer careers all while positively impacting an unbelievable company. I’m proud to say Sterling found me the right job, with the right company, on the first try!"
-- Tim Dunn USMA '07, Sales Consultant - J&J